Lene Marlin

― アーティスト紹介? ―



LC 3098 (EC盤 [製造国オランダ])

# 1Sitting Down Here<3:55>
# 2Playing My Game<5:33>
# 3Unforgivable Sinner<4:00>
# 4Flown Away<4:07>
# 5The Way We Are<4:00>
# 6So I See<4:49>
# 7Maybe I'll Go<4:36>
# 8Where I'm Headed<4:10>
# 9One Year Ago<4:27>
#10A Place Nearby<4:09>

Words & Music by Lene Marlin (Copyright Control)

Produced by Hans G / Jorn Dahl.

Arranged by Jorn Dahl except: “Playin My Game” Arranged by Dahl / Marlin,
“One Year Ago” by Dahl / Stray
and “The Way We Are” by Dahl / Marlin / Hans G.

All Vocals by Lene Marlin.
All Keyboards & Programming by Jorn Dahl.
Guitars by Stray except “Unforgivable Sinner” by Stray / Bjorn Charles Dreyer
and “Maybe I'll Go” by Lene Marlin.
Bass & Tambourine by Wallen Mjaaland.
Cymbals, Hihat & Tambourine by Karl Oluf Wennerberg.
Piano by Jorn Dahl.

Recording Engineers: Hans G. / Jorn Dahl at Disclab except Track 2, 6, 7 and 8 Acoustic Guitars by Erik Stokke.
Hans G at Bel Canto Studio / Disclab Mobile. Richard Lowe Assisted by Dan Bierton at Sarm Hook End.
Recorded at Disclab with Additional Recordings at Belcanto / Disclab Mobile and Sarm Hook End.
Mix Engineers: Richard Lowe Assisted by Dan Bierton at Sarm Hook End / Sarm East
except “Unforgivable Sinner” Mix Engineer Hans G. Mixed at Sarm Hook End except “Unforgivable Sinner”
Mixed at Disclab and “Maybe I'll Go” Mixed at Sarm East.
Mastered by Ian Cooper at Metropolis Mastering except “Unforgivable Sinner” Mastered by Espen Berg at Masterhuset.

℗1999 Virgin Records Norway AS.
©1999 Virgin Records Norway AS.

― 感想・その他 ―

 ごく普通の “POP” のアルバムと言ってしまって良いでしょう。演奏は とてもシンプルで、演奏者の人数も少ない構成です。

 と、愛想の無いことを書きましたが、あまり飾り立てていない素直な唄と曲は、いつでも安心して聴けて良い。棚に入っているのが ちょっと 嬉しい一枚です。

 それにしても、北欧の人たちは、なぜ こんなに英語が上手なのでしょう?

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