Wind Machine

WIND MACHINE Featuring Steve Mesplé


Silver Wave Records
SD-151 (アメリカ盤)

# 1Ode to Michael J.(3:51)<3:52>
# 2Hollyweird and Vine(4:24)<4:24>
# 3Emerald(3:36)<3:36>
# 4Blues Cruise(4:27)<4:27>
# 5Romance Dance(6:17)<6:17>
# 6Waterfall(2:04)<2:03>
# 7Chubby Blues(4:07)<4:07>
# 8Nashville(6:56)<6:57>
Steve Mesplé:Acoustic, Electric and Slide Guitars, "Guitjo", Harmonica and Lead Vocals
Joe Scott:Electric and Acoustic Guitar, "Guitjo" and Vocals
Blake Eberhard:Electric Fretted and Fretless Bass
Brian Mikulich:Drums and Percussion

All Compositions by Steve Mesplé except Emerald by Steve Mesplé and Joe Scott and Chubby Blues by Steve Mesplé and Marilynn Mesplé.

All Selections published by Mesplé Music / BMI.

Produced and Arranged by Steve Mesplé

Recorded May through August 1986 at Colorado Sound, Westminster CO.

Engineer: Kevin Clock

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Silver Wave Records
SD508 (アメリカ盤)

# 1Mailbox Suite(4:15)<4:17>
# 2The Christmas Soldier(3:04)<3:05>
# 3Nuestros Hermanos de El Salvador(4:07)<4:07>
# 4Song for the Children(2:58)<2:59>
# 5Front Porch Serenade(2:50)<2:50>
# 6Daybreak(3:43)<3:43>
# 7Taylor Made(2:50)<2:54>
# 8Rain Maiden(4:56)<4:54>
# 9Land of the Redwoods(3:14)<3:15>
#10Waltz of the Wind(2:38)<2:40>
#11High Noon(3:11)<3:14>
#12Sand Harbor(2:30)<2:31>
#13Back at Linda's(2:30)<2:35>
#14Ethan's Peace(3:10)<3:11>
Wind Machine is:
Steve Mesplé:Acoustic 6 and 12 string Guitars
Joe Scott:Acoustic Guitar, 6 and 7 string Guitjos
Blake Eberhard:Fretless and Acoustic Bass
Additional Musicians:
Tom Capek:Keyboards, Synthesizer programming
Larry Thompson:Drums, Percussion
Gary Sosias:Congas, Bongos, Percussion
Ethan Mesplé:Percussion
Taylor Mesplé:Keyboards

Produced and arranged by Steve Mesplé
Executive producer: James Marienthal
Recorded and mixed at Colorado Sound, Westminster, Colorado
Engineered by Kevin Clock

All compositions by Steve Mesplé, except Rain Maiden by Steve Mesplé and Joe Scott.
All selections published by Silver Wave Music (BMI)/Mesplé Music (BMI)

©℗1989 Silver Wave Records

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Silver Wave Records
SD 701 (アメリカ盤)

# 1Voices in the Wind(5:59)<6:03>
# 2Millwood Junction(4:20)<4:20>
# 3River of Lost Souls(5:30)<5:30>
# 4After the Storm(4:43)<4:43>
# 5Franklin(5:47)<5:47>
# 6Our Salvadoran Brothers
(Nuestros Hermanos de El Salvador)
# 7Cottonwood(5:11)<5:10>
# 8Sixth Sense(5:10)<5:10>
# 9Sunset Crossing(5:32)<5:32>
#10Highway to the Sun(4:39)<4:39>
#11Post Script(4:52)<4:52>
#12Soldiers of Destiny(4:42)<4:42>
Wind Machine is:
Steve Mesplé:Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Vocals
Joe Scott:7 String Guitjos, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Taylor Mesplé:Acoustic Piano, Keyboards, Soprano Saxophone, Vocals
Ethan Mesplé:Congas, Bongo, Timbales, Percussion
Michael Olson:Fretted and Fretless Basses, Vocals
Additional Musicians:
Larry Thompson:Drums
Franklin Quezada:Vocals
Blake Eberhard:Fretted and Fretless Basses
Greg Fisher:Vocals

All Compositions by Steve Mesplé -except Voices in the Wind by Steve Mesplé and Taylor Mesplé
All Selections published by Silver Wave Music (BMI)/Mesplé Music (BMI)

Produced by Steve Mesplé and Kevin Clock
Executive Producer: James Marienthal
Recorded and digitally mixed at Colorado Sound, Westminster, CO
Engineered by Kevin Clock

©℗1991 Silver Wave Records All Rights Reserved.

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Moulin D'Or Recordings
NIW973 (アメリカ盤)

# 1The Isle of Skye(Joe Scott)(3:44)<3:44>
# 2A Distant Star(Steve Mesplé, Joe Scott, Taylor Mesplé, Michael Olson)(4:52)<4:51>
# 3Land of Fire (Tierra Del Fuego)(Steve Mesplé)(4:41)<4:37>
# 4My Holy Land(Taylor Mesplé and Steve Mesplé)(5:25)<5:21>
# 5Believe(Taylor Mesplé and Michael Olson)(1:05)<1:04>
# 6Road II Freedom(Steve Mesplé)(5:47)<5:43>
# 7Stone River Waltz(Steve Mesplé)(3:19)<3:17>
# 8Mission San Miguel(Steve Mesplé)(4:40)<4:33>
# 9The Water is Wide(Public domain)(4:22)<4:18>
#10Timeline(Taylor Mesplé)(4:51)<4:48>
#11Twin Bridges(Joe Scott and Steve Mesplé)(4:16)<4:15>
#12A Father and Sons(Steve Mesplé and Taylor Mesplé)(4:11)<4:10>
Wind Machine is:
Steve Mesplé:Acoustic guitar (1942 Martin D18 and D28), classical guitar (José Oribe), jazz guitar (Gibson Super-5), electric guitar (Fender Stratocaster), octave guitar, Givens mondolin, charango, marimbas, and background vocals.
Joe Scott:D.W. Stevens 7-string guitjos, Stevens 14-string double neck guitjo, violin, 5-string banjo, and synth-jo.
Taylor Mesplé:Yamaha and Steinway grand pianos, lead and background vocals, Korg Trinity synthesizer, accordion, penny whistle, and wind synthesizer.
Michael Olson:Tobias 6-string fretless and 5-string fretted electric basses.
Larry Thompson:Drums (Sonar High-Life Exclusives)
Guest Musicians:
Ethan Mesplé:Percussion
Nelson Rangell:Soprano sax and flute (appears courtesy of GRP Records)

Produced by Steve Mesplé and Kevin Clock.
Engineered by Kevin Clock and Joe Scott.
Recorded February through May, 1996, at Colorado Sound, Westminster, CO, and Martingale Studios, Berthoud, CO.
Digitally mixed and mastered at Colorado Sound, Westminster, CO by Kevin Clock.

“The Isle of Skye” and “Twin Bridges” published by Janjoral Publishing/BMI. All other composition published by Mesplé Music/BMI.

©1996 Blue Meteor Records

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